marzena ziejka
'Year after year' 01
from 'Monocrops' cycle
found drop-cloth, monofilament, acrylic
9" x 9 1/2"
I'm from a family of long farming tradition. It was 'organic' farming, however no one there then had a clue of such word. No wonder having studio outside of Chicago, in the middle of fields of Bloomington-Normal, struck sentimental note. Watching nature unravel in front of my eyes its powers, changing each day... Not for long. Mono-cropping soy and corn, mostly feed-grade, was foreign to my understanding of going hand to hand with mother Nature, and seemed like a dream of a man who wanted to take over no matter of what cost.
Checking on-line thesaurus for monocropping I was asked 'did you mean 'mongering'?: more gripping, more groping, more creeping, more griping, and more cropping'... or 'monocrats'?: autocrat, monocrat, oppressor, slavedriver, tyrant'. Adding given remarks on monocropping replenishing soil, reducing healthy variety, creating niches of weakened environmental ecosystem, impacting local economy, and even creating political turmoils - while resolving one problem adding to many other problems - it was accident that I did not wanted to ignore. I perceive it as pretty accurate.

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