marzena ziejka
'Decumanus Maximus'
drop-cloth, dye, horse hair, acrylic
42" x 79"
The work is named after Roman tradition of city-planning, where maximus were the main streets. Decumanus were east-west streets that served as a secondary street, mainly for purpose of defense, while cardo, from north to south, was dedicated to commerce and business, and served as a hub of economic life.
In my works this orientation was associated with the city-planning I've seen here, in the States, and with unequal spread of economic wealth between north and south versus more diverse social opportunities presented between east and west parts of the city.
I connected marks to symbolize social connections, as in a graph illustrating dynamics of social groups specific for the expedient social dynamic. Thus "Decumanus Maximus" represents pattern of evenly spread connections symbolizing flow of open communication; "Cardo Maximus" shows reduction of freely exchanged communication by polarization of the concentration of connections at the bottom and the upper part of the piece corresponding with north and south communities.
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