marzena ziejka
drop-cloth, dye, graphite, hand spun wool, PVA
50" x 43"
‘Inequality’ is a meditation on the ‘American Spring.’ At its heart is a narrative on power and the lack of it.

The narrative begins with re-use of a workman’s drop cloth. A well trod canvas, embellished with paint, scuffs, holes, and layered in the sediment and dust of labor. This simple canvas drop cloth was obtained from laborers working in Chicago neighborhoods over the course of 2011.

A 10x10-1 matrix is the central visual element from which you are first introduced to the work. Ninety-nine anonymous marks, in wool, are portrayed whose counterpoint is a single space left unfilled. That space is an unyielding absence which often overtakes a viewer’s point-of-view. A journey in story between viewer and the work is launched. In a workman like manner the viewer shows up with their very own tool box from which they may project a multitude of themes. Themes such as community, connectedness, disconnectedness, elitism, imbalance, justice, exploitation, control, revolution…

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