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Ziejka art, textile art, fiber art, inequality, 99%
drop-cloth, dye, graphite, hand spun wool, PVA
50" x 43"


‘Inequality’ is a meditation on the American Spring, on power and the lack of it.

The narrative begins with the re-use of a workman’s drop cloth. A well-trod canvas, embellished with paint, scuffs, holes, layered in the sediment and dust of labor. This simple drop cloth was obtained from a laborer working in Chicago neighborhoods over the course of 2011.

A 10x10-1 matrix is the central visual element from which you are first introduced to the work. Ninety-nine anonymous marks, in wool, are portrayed whose counterpoint is a single space left unfilled. That space is an unyielding absence which often overtakes a viewer’s point-of-view. A journey in the story between the viewer and the work is launched. In a workmanlike manner, the viewer shows up with their very own toolbox from which they may project a multitude of themes. Themes such as community, connectedness, disconnectedness, elitism, imbalance, justice, injustice, exploitation, control, revolution…