marzena ziejka
'Lithuania: Wilderness'
Artur Grottger

Wool Tapestry
30" x 38"
When my school chose Artur Grottger as a patron, two students, I and another, were selected to turn his work into Tapestry. At first I hated the time consuming medium but winning the top prize for National Polish Art School Exhibition in 1986 showed that my teachers, even though this was my first work, realized my potential.

This was one of six works of Grottger's story of the January Insurrection told in a series of prints, secretly published between 1864 and 1866. It is a depiction of the story of Polish rebels against the Russian Infantry. These patriotic images were immensely popular, and would have been kept hidden, and brought out to lift up the heart, in a great many of our ancestors' homes in the latter years of the 19th century.

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